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The Lawsuits Continue

2012 November 12

As each week passes, more former players jump on the concussion litigation bandwagon. More than 30% of all former players have filed a concussion-related lawsuit against the NFL.

The putative plaintiffs could reach 50% by the time the preemption issue is determined, although it appears that the soliciting of clients has digressed.

Nonetheless, there was a solid group of former players that recently filed suit. In the last two weeks, 8 complaints were filed against the NFL, which included 100-plus former players. Some of the more recognizable names include the following:

Former State Senator of Missouri, and long-time Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Bill Kenney. Kenney is represented by his son, William Kenney.

The family of the late Houston Antwine.

Four-time Pro Bowler and Two-time All-Pro Erik Williams.

Four-time Pro Bowler Ahman Green. Williams and Green are represented by a Mississippi law firm that continues to make it rain.

Updated: 1:35pm – Nov. 13

Dante Hall, Ellis Hobbs, Kevin Glover, Walter Rasby, Eric Warfield, Adam Schreiber and 19 others just filed suit in Miami.

This brings the total player-plaintiff pool to more than 3,870 former players, represented in 178 separate concussion-lawsuits. As always, these numbers will continue to grow.

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