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Call for Submission of Articles and Essays

2015 March 4

The University of Missouri-Kansas City Law Review journal is seeking submissions for an upcoming symposium.

Submitted articles and essays should address the legal aspects and intersections of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) as they relate to any area of sports law (including return to play, concussion litigation, settlements, class actions, etc.), neuroscience and neurolaw, criminal law, attorney obligations when a client has a TBI, veterans’ rights, compliance with federal law, including the American’s with Disability Act, rules of evidence and expert qualifications, and products liability and consumer protection.  We welcome any submissions dealing with TBI as it relates to these and other related topics.

The symposium will feature approximately 8-10 authors whose scholarly pieces will range from 7,000-10,000 words and include footnotes.  However, longer pieces will also be considered.

Works currently in progress will be considered, so long as they have not been published elsewhere.  If you have a scholarly piece related to the symposium issue, plan to submit a piece, or have a question, please submit it to the UMKC Law Review Articles and Symposium Editors at:   or

The deadline for submission is July 31, 2015.  The anticipated publication date is Fall/Winter, 2015.

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