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Concussion Lawsuit Tracker Update: 29

2012 February 13

Edited Feb.13 at 8:00pm

As of Friday February 10th, 29 concussion-related lawsuits have been filed against the NFL. The additional lawsuits not mentioned in this article are listed below: two wrongful deaths (Hilgenberg & Duranko) and Adams v. NFL and Henesey v. NFL.

On Friday, the twenty-fifth concussion-related lawsuit was filed against the NFL. The rainmakers at the Locks Law Firm filed their fifth lawsuit on behalf of the former players. The lawsuit is a mass tort naming 62 plaintiffs, including Jeremiah Trotter and Seth Joyner. The lawsuit was filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, captioned Steve Everitt et al v. NFL. The lawsuit is identical to the other suits filed by the Locks Firm, asserting seven counts against the NFL: 1) declaratory relief, 2) conspiracy to defraud, 3) fraudulent concealment, 4) fraud, 5) negligent misrepresentation, 6) negligence and 7) loss of consortium on behalf of the players’ wives.

The lawsuit also includes several elderly former players, including 85-year-old Fred Morrison, 81-year-old Bill Howton and 79-year-old Richard Bielski. It will be interesting to see how their age impacts their claims for relief. The NFL will likely argue that during their career the science of concussions was completely unknown, and these players were bound to have later-life cognitive decline despite playing football.

There are now twenty-five lawsuits filed against the NFL; this “tag-along action” will eventually be consolidated with the MDL, NFL Concussion Injury Litigation.

Lawsuit total:

Easterling v. NFL (Aug. 17) E.D. Penn

Pear v. NFL (Oct. 11) CA

Barnes v. NFL (Oct. 11) CA

Maxwell v. NFL (Oct. 11) CA

Hardman v. NFL (Oct. 13; voluntarily dismissed)

Finn v. NFL (Dec. 5) NJ

Jacobs v. NFL (Dec. 20) NY-Manhattan

Levens v. NFL (Dec. 21) ATL

Lewis v. NFL (Dec. 21) ATL

Stewart v. NFL (Dec. 21) ATL

Kuykendall v. NFL (Dec. 21) ATL

Jones v. NFL (Dec. 22) MIA

Rucker v. NFL (Dec. 27) NY

Boyd v. NFL  (Jan. 9) E.D. Penn

Dronett v. NFL (Jan. 9) ATL

Austin v. NFL (Jan. 9) ATL

Ron Solt v. NFL (Jan.18) E.D. Penn

Joel Steed v. NFL (Jan. 19) CA

Andrew Glover v. NFL (Jan. 19) E.D. Penn

Rob Johnson v. NFL (Jan. 20) E.D. Penn

Steve Wallace v. NFL (Jan. 23) E.D. Penn

Shawn Wooden & Ryan Fowler v. NFL (Jan. 24) Miami

Fred Barnett et al v. NFL (Feb. 2) E.D. Penn

Ashley Lelie et al v. NFL (Feb. 3) E.D. Penn

Britt Hager et al v. NFL (Feb. 3) E.D. Penn

Estate of Wally Hilgenberg v. NFL (Feb. 3) E.D. Penn

Estate of Pete Duranko v. NFL.(Feb. 9) E.D. Penn

Adams v. NFL (Feb. 9) E.D. Penn

Steve Everitt et al v. NFL (Feb. 10) E.D. Penn

Henesey v. NFL (Feb. 10) E.D. Penn

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