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Mark Chmura Joins the Concussion Lawsuits

2012 April 21
by admin

It wouldn’t be a Friday without The Locks Law Firm filing another concussion lawsuit. Three-time Pro Bowler Mark Chmura is the latest to lead a group of 28 former players in their pursuit to hold the NFL liable for their cognitive decline allegedly caused by concussions. As you may recall, Chmura was charged with rape in 2001 but was later acquitted following a jury trial.

The lawsuit, filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, is the 61st concussion-related lawsuit against the NFL. There are now more than 1,260 former players involved in the litigation.

As I repeatedly say, the lawsuits will continue to pile on as more players learn about the concussion lawsuits. According to a court document filed in an unrelated case, there are approximately 10,000 retired and former NFL players. Thus, the number of plaintiffs currently involved in the lawsuits is only a small fraction of the former and retired players that may join in the coming weeks and months.

The complaint, Mark Chmura et al v. NFL, can be accessed here.

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