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More Hall of Famers Join the Concussion Lawsuits

2012 April 24
by Paul Anderson

Hall of Famers Randy WhiteRayfield Wright and Bob Lilly, among others, are the latest to join the concussion lawsuits against the NFL.

On Tuesday, a flock of Hall of Famers, Pro Bowlers and All-Pros filed suit in the Southern District of Texas claiming that the NFL concealed information about the long-term effects of concussions.

The lawsuit includes 31 retirees, and it asserts four counts: negligence, fraudulent concealment, negligent misrepresentation, and conspiracy. The conspiracy count alleges that the NFL conspired with the other member clubs and independent contractors to “reject the causal connection between multiple concussions suffered while playing in the NFL.”

Walter Umphrey of Provost * Umphrey, L.L.P. filed the complaint.

This is the 64th concussion-related lawsuit filed against the NFL, and there are now more than 1,300 plaintiffs. Of course, more will be filed in the coming weeks.

The complaint is Lee Roy Jordan et al v. NFL (April 24, 2012) S.D. Texas, Case No. 12-cv-01296.

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But Wait…There’s More

The 65th concussion-related lawsuit was filed against the NFL in the Southern District of Mississippi. The lawsuit includes 14 former players and is captioned Tobiath Myles et al v. NFL.

Podhurst Orseck was also busy on Tuesday, amending the Shawn Wooden et al v. NFL complaint by adding 118 former players.

On the eve of of the first hearing in the NFL Concussion Litigation, there are now 65 lawsuits and more than 1,500 plaintiffs. That number will continue to grow, and lawsuits filed outside of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania will soon be transferred and consolidated to take part in the multi-district litigation.


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