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Robert Brazile Leads the Latest Group of Former Players

2012 April 25
by Paul Anderson

Robert “Dr. Doom” Brazile and 13 others filed suit against the NFL and Riddell Helmets in the Southern District of Mississippi on Tuesday.

The lawsuit is similar to the other suits filed by former players. It asserts counts of fraudulent concealment, fraud, negligent misrepresentation, negligence, conspiracy to defraud, loss of consortium, and it seeks declaratory relief along with medical monitoring.

According to the complaint, the NFL ignored established peer-reviewed medical literature regarding concussions and needlessly exposed its players to substantial additional risk by allowing concussed players to re-enter games.

The lawsuit claims that the Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee conspired with the Member Clubs to conceal the causal link of traumatic brain injuries and cognitive decline.

The other former players named in the suit are Toby Myles, Mike Jones, Fred Smoot, TJ Slaughter, Roscoe Word, Marcus Dupree, Vernon Perry, Ben McGee, Khalid Abdullah, John Jennings, Demetrius Hill, James Grier and Dexter McCleon.

This is the first lawsuit filed by John D. Giddens and Philip W. Thomas.

Giddens stated, “We are committed to protecting the rights of former players and ensuring their families are secure should the worst occur.”

There are now 66 lawsuits and over 1,600 plaintiffs involved in the NFL concussion litigation. Of course, this number will continue to grow in the coming weeks.

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