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John Hannah is the Latest Hall of Famer to Ride the Concussion Lawsuit Wave

2012 June 15

Updated June 20, 2012

Jason Short, who was known for his hard-hitting and explosive “wedge busting,” filed suit against the NFL yesterday. The lawsuit alleges that Short currently “suffers from neuropathy, encephalopathy of the brain, vertigo…and significant neuro-cognitive decline.” I highly recommend reading the Q and A Short did with NBC Sports. He talks extensively about getting concussions — I’d expect some of his comments to be used against him, if his case ever goes to trial.

The Locks Law Firm was busy this week after filing two separate concussion lawsuits against the NFL and attempting to remand a case back to state court.

Judge Brody slammed the door shot on Locks, Ordering a stay on all responses to remand. This ruling effectively prevents any concussion lawsuit from being litigated in state court until Judge Brody rules on the NFL’s forthcoming (due Aug. 9) motion to dismiss – which isn’t expected until 2013.

On Wednesday, a group of 49 former players – led by retiree-advocate Jeff Nixon – joined the flood of concussion lawsuits. Nathan Fenno of the Washington Times pointed out that ESPN analyst Mark May was also part of the fray.

On Thursday, Hall of Famer John Hannah and Pro Bowler Bill Bergey also filed suit against the NFL. Hannah was a named plaintiff in the recently dismissed lawsuit against the NFLPA. As I stated a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t be surprised if those guys start joining the concussion lawsuits — as advertised ;-)

Thursday’s lawsuit includes 23 former players, including Az-Zahir Hakim, who was part of the 1999 Super Bowl Champions, St. Louis Rams. In addition, two Missouri residents — Charles Getty  (Springfield) and Bobby Ply (Raytown) — are part of the lawsuit.

Another youngster, twenty-seven-year old Geoff Pope, joined the NFL concussion litigation club. There are a handful of plaintiffs under the age of thirty that allege to be suffering from cognitive decline as the result of their short career in the League.

There are now 92 concussion-related lawsuits, which include more than 2,450 former players.

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  1. Jeff Nixon permalink
    June 19, 2012

    When do you think you can update the list of players involved in the concussion lawsuits?

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