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The Concussion Lawsuit Shuffle

2012 July 3
by admin

Update July 5, 2012

If you haven’t noticed, filing concussion lawsuits has become the new fad – perhaps a new dance. Well, not really, but since January 2012, there has been a concussion-related lawsuit filed almost every week. In the past five days, two lawsuits comprising more than 125 former players were filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

On Friday, a group of 83 former players added their name to the growing list of plaintiffs suing the NFL. The group is led by Super Bowl Champion Bubby Brister and Six-time Pro Bowler Steve Jordan. Four former Kansas City Chiefs – Bill Maas, Mike Bell, Jerome Woods and Christian Okoye – joined a list of more than 130 former Chiefs suing the NFL.

And of course, The Locks Law Firm kept its streak alive by filing a 43-man complaint, led by All-Pro Dave Robinson.

Update: Per Nathan Fenno of the Washington Times, Pro-Bowler Todd Scott filed suit in the Southern District of Texas. And, on July 3rd, 40+ former players — led by Hall of Famer Dermontti Dawson — filed suit in the Southern District of Mississippi.

There’s more!

It wouldn’t be a historic NFL litigation day without a concussion lawsuit. On July 5th, two concussion-related lawsuits were filed. First, a five player complaint, naming Stephen Davis, Corey Miller, Langston Moore, Travis Williams and Henry Taylor, was filed in the District Court of South Carolina. And, the second suit, a three player complaint, naming Richie Anderson, Jerry Wunsch and J.J. Arrington, was filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

There are now 99 concussion-related lawsuits, which include more than 2,600 former players. Yet, this is still a small fraction of the more than 12,000 former players that could potentially join the lawsuits. As always, the lawsuits will continue to be filed throughout the summer.

Meet the concussion lawsuit shuffle (see last 15 seconds), brought to you by the concussed Lady Gaga:

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