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Plaintiffs/Former Players

As of June 1, 2013, there are more than 4,800 named player-plaintiffs in the 242 concussion-related lawsuits. Including the players’ spouses, there are more than 5,800 plaintiffs, total.

Nathan Fenno from the Washington Times has put together a masterful database listing all of the player-plaintiffs in the NFL concussion lawsuits. It can be accessed here.

Partial list of plaintiffs: Concussion MDL Plaintiff List


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  1. Bobby permalink
    May 12, 2012

    EVIDENCE: The lawyers should use this evidence, watch the NFLs greatest games the game of SuperBowl Packers VS the Broncos in the video you hear players talking about hitting Davis and knocking his head out….. the NFL is and was supporting that kind of talk on its own network…… I am sure if you go back and see any footage of games you will hear talk like that and the NFL puts it on its own network of players talking about hitting guys in the head…. the NFL cant dispute its own shows it produces and puts on the air…

  2. June 7, 2012

    Oh, boohoo, boohoo……..and what about the soldiers who lost their lives, limbs, sight, mental stability while they were fighting for you guys to have a chance to make big money, possibly become a star, while playing a game you love…….I am sure that nothing–no warnings, no words–nothing would have kept you from playing ball. For heaven’s sake MAN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Derek Mills permalink
    July 1, 2012

    As a mere observer who has seen a former N.O. Saint physically and emotionally abuse his wife and children, i have to say that there must be some personal responsibity taken. It’s really insane to expect any sympathy after seeing the emotional damage this man continues to inflict on his x-wife and children. Now the player hops on every class action suit he can because he has few prospects for income other than his pension.

    I’m sure concussions have an accelerating effect, but the players internalizing how great they are their whole life, then not doing any planning to offset post-career blues can only be laid at their feet.

    Unfortunately the only people to warn the players sometimes is the NFL. Family can’t tell them anything, either can friends.

    Personally, I think the era of kissing an athlete’s posterior because they can play a game should end. Quit putting these people on a pedestal. The great majority don’t deserve it and those that do deserve it mainly for their off-field endeavors.

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